Our Services & Pricing

Our medical and nursing aesthetic team delivers premium products with ultimate discretion.

Our team is here to support you whether you are looking to:

  • enhance

  • beautify

  • slow the signs of ageing or

  • find relief from a chronic medical condition such as excessive sweating

 We strive to support, nurture and empower you to live your best life - with confidence.

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$10 - $16 Per Unit

Coastal Radiance uses premium, 'purified' anti-wrinkle medication for both cosmetic but medical treatments: 


- forehead lines

- frown lines

- crows feet

- pebble chin

- peri-oral or ’smokers’ lines

- eyebrow lift

- non-surgical facelift to prevent neck and jaw line ’sagging’

- teeth grinding

- excessive sweating

- facial slimming 

- migraine relief


Dosing for anti-wrinkle depends on the muscle strength of each individual.


At Coastal Radiance, our first consultation is complimentary. We thoroughly assess, plan and explain treatments and costs involved. Consultation is key and for every new client, we allocate a full hour to ensure you are fully informed, comfortable and confident prior to any treatment. 

Dermal Filler

0.5ml  $350

1ml      $550

2ml     $1000   

3ml     $1450

Dermal Filler is a gel-like substance containing Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

which is naturally found in the body.  HA attracts 1000 times it's weight in water providing hydration, cushioning and ‘plumping out’ of the skin. 

 Dermal Filler is expertly placed using a needle and/or cannula (blunt tip thin tube) under the skin to:

  • BEAUTIFY - by enhancing your natural features

  • VOLUMISE areas in deficit such as cheeks, lips, chin & more. 

  • SCULPT & CONTOUR features saw as jaw line, cheeks & more.

  • CORRECT ASSYMETRY by balancing facial features.

Added benefits include:

  • reduction in the appearance of wrinkles

  • giving skin a hydrated appearance


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Permanent Fat Dissolving

Areas of treatment may include but are not limited to double chin, jowls and lower face. Clients may require one or more treatments depending on the area. We invite you to book your confidential and supportive consultation.

Other Services

Require a special treatment for your allergies, excessive sweating, teeth grinding or even fat dissolving? Our Coastal Radiance team offers a range of different treatments to get you back to feeling your best self. As some of these treatments vary on severity,  price is provided upon consultation. 

  • Allergy / Hay Fever Treatment (Injection free)

By introducing botulinum toxin into the nostrils in the form of nasal spray, the specialised nerve endings can be blocked. These nerve endings react to environmental allergens and trigger hay fever symptoms such as runny, itchy or blocked nose. This treatment can alleviate these symptoms and help you breathe easier, with comfort.  

  • Permanent Fat Dissolving 

These injections permanently dissolve fat cells, allow the bodies inflammatory markers to remove the debris which is then excreted by the body. Clients may require more than one treatment to achieve the desired result. 

  • Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) 

This condition can often be a source of embarrassment, restriction in terms of clothing choice and influence our day to day lives in an intrusive and uncomfortable matter. This is a highly successful treatment involving the injection of botulinum toxin in small doses across the affected area such as underarms, feet and hands.


  • Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth grinding - be it conscious or during sleep - can have drastic affects on our body causing headaches, jaw pain and have damaging effects on dentition such as cracked teeth, worn enamel and jaw disorders. This condition often is observed in individuals:

  • who are exposed to high stress environments

  • are high functioning, 'go getter' personality types

  • diagnosed ADHD or other hyperactivity

  • with specific medication regimes

Treatment involves very small injections of botulinum toxin in to specific mastication muscles, reducing the size of these overworked, often painful muscles, thereby reducing damaging force exerted on the teeth.

Beauty Model


Baby Tox  $250 (save $2.50 per unit)

Treatment includes 20 units premium anti-wrinkle

The perfect way to experience anti-wrinkle treatment for the first time OR to obtain a very light, natural look with just a ‘sprinkle’ to forehead and frown.​ This treatment is designed to give a refreshed, not ‘frozen’ appearance.


This package can be tailored to the individual and any additional units or areas for treatment may be added for a complimentary and holistic approach. 

Baby Tox & Baby Pout $500 (save $100)

Treatment includes 20 units premium anti-wrinkle AND half ml premium filler

Our most popular package gives our lovely clients the perfect combination of light toxin treatment and subtle enhancement of the lip, for a naturally beautiful and refreshed look. 

Baby Tox & Lips to Love  $700 (save $100)

Treatment includes 20 units premium anti-wrinkle AND 1mL premium filler

A beautiful package for those looking for a naturally refreshed uppercase, but a beautifully voluminous pout.